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Toshiba Virtual Sound (TVS) for Windows XP

Virtual Sound works as an audio filter using SRS WOW XT and SRS TruSurround XT functions provided by SRS Labs. A MUST-HAVE software to significantly boost your laptop speakers! TVS works as a global 'system sound plug-in.' It employs SRS Labs WOW XT and TruSurround XT technologies to processes any sound of sampling rate 44.100 kHz or 48.000 kHz before it is sent to your speakers. The boost effect is significant regardless of the quality of your sound card or speakers. :)


*Any and ONLY a Toshiba Laptop

*HD capable sound card for version 1.02 or later.

*Windows XP

You can try Modded TVS here - it is modded by Ultima to alter installation restrictions and support for other sound cards as well, including non-HD capable!

Note: If you have HD capable soundcard on your Toshiba but installation says you can't install it on your machine, read this thread.

Download (Normal version 1.01.01) Thanks to Splat

Download (HD version 1.03.13)

SRS WOW HD delivers an amazing virtual surround sound from various two channel contents over two speakers or headphones.

SRS TruSurround XT delivers an amazing virtual surround sound from various multi-channel content over two speakers or headphones. SRS TruSurround XT is the virtualizer that features post processing audio enhancements, creating a wider, and taller sound image field with deep rich bass from multi-channel content using SRS FOCUS and SRS TruBass technologies.

SRS Circle Surround II converts 5.1 or 6.1 channel surround sound into 2 channel signal which is recorded or broadcast using conventional technologies, then retrieves the original 5.1 or 6.1 channel signal form a surround sound system. Any multi-channel surround sound source can be recorded on an ordinary CD format, or can be broadcast through the current FM stereo broadcasting system.

SRS is selling its own WOW XT plug-in for Windows Media Player, which only works within WMP, for $10. I am pretty sure this TVS would cost more than $30! Moreover, we wouldn't have got this software for even $100 if Toshiba hadn't cooperated with SRS Labs - it is not commercially available - there is no retail version of such thing. Toshiba must have paid a lot for the licensing so enjoy! :)

Thanks to Hazart for telling us about TVS.

The latest version of TVS is Toshiba Virtual Sound for Windows XP v1, "VirtualSound v2" is actually an old version of v1 for some odd reason - both the application version and digital signature time stamp are old.

Changelog (google translate)

v1.03.13 (2006-08-24)

  • unknown

v1.03.12 (2006-07-12)

[The Qosmio series] from TOSHIBA Virtual Sound Ver 1.03.08 or less is improved.

  1. With Qosmio G20/395LS and G20/390LS, the phenomenon which has the case where TOSHIBA Virtual Sound Ver 1.03.08 does not operate just was improved.
  2. When the occasion where with Windows Media Player music CD is played back, it sets to "analog mode" the phenomenon which has the case where it cannot play back just was improved. <-- (yep, seems like it's fixed)
  3. (D) starts TOSHIBA Virtual Sound, [it opens details setting] -> [option (O)]Clicking, it is indicated in "the option setting" picture:
    [selection of the audio filter] there is a tub, with "TruSurround XT and WOW HD", function of the audio filter, it changes automatically, with the format of the audio stream which is in the midst of playing back (O) when it sets to the mode other than, the phenomenon which has the case where sound of multichannel audio cannot be played back just was improved.

[The other corresponding types] or less is improved from the version which is preinstalled.

  1. The occasion where the USB Web camera is connected, the phenomenon which has the case where it cannot play back sound normally was improved.
  2. When the occasion where with Windows Media Player music CD is played back, it sets to "analog mode" the phenomenon which has the case where it cannot play back just was improved.

v1.03.08 (2006-04-21)

  • When the Qosmio series (*) with you connect the USB web camera and AEC (Acoustic Echo Canceller) make effective, the phenomenon which has the case where it cannot play back sound normally was improved.
    (*) Qosmio E10/3, E10/2, Qosmio F30/6, F20/5, F20/4, F20/3, F10/3, F10/2 and Qosmio G20/5, G20/4, G20/3, G10/3 and G10/2

v1.03.07 (2006-04-10)

  • When with Qosmio G30/596LS, 595LS and 593LS TOSHIBA Virtual Sound plays back multichannel sound in state of OFF, the center channel, there were times when sound from [saraundochiyanneru] left and right is not audible, in order to knock down to be mixed to the front channel left and right they improved.

Old Versions

- TVS HD 1.03.12 (Download)

- TVS HD 1.03.09 (Download)

- TVS HD 1.03.08 (Download)

- TVS HD 1.03.07 (Download)

- TVS HD 1.03.05 (Download)

- TVS HD 1.02.01 (Download)

- TVS HD 1.02.00 (Download)

- TVS v1.00.10 (Download) (1227DLs, DE: 80DLs)

- TVS v1.00.09 (Download)

- TVS v1.00.08 (Download)

- TVS v1.00.07 (Download) (472DLs, DE: 46DLs)

- TVS v1.00.06 (646DLs, DE: 53DLs)

- TVS v1.00.04 (Download)



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post-8-11170274300_thumb.jpgOOOH my!! :) :)

I just installed your recommended version:

Unbelievable output enhancement :P Even for my Harman/kardon speakers and built-in subwoofer :(

This is a must have software !

I think anybody can install this, not only on Toshiba's. Also i saw no restrictions in the INF either. It works with MediaMonkey here, WinAMP probably too, and any other app also. See this:

System Requirements

TOSHIBA Virtual Sound can be used in any environment that meets the following conditions.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Home Edition, or Media Center Edition installed computer.

Sound Applications

Windows Media Player, InterVideo WinDVD or any other sound applications to play a sound.

Sound Sources

A music CD or sound files that can be played on the Windows Media Player.

A DVD or sound files which can be played on the InterVideo WinDVD.

Audio received through a TV tuner.

Music, movies, and sounds played from the Internet.

Any game with audio.

The SRS process is available depending on whether the sampling rate is 44.100 kHz or 48.000 kHz. Please see Differences in Effect by Sound Sources in the Operating Basics folder of this help file.

This driver/plugin/filter is now the final reason for me to get rid of WMP. Once and for all :(

Hopefully a non-Toshiba owner can install and test it and report if it works. That would be truly great for all of us Laptop Owners, especially the ones with lesser quality speakers and output, which is the majority.

NOTE: ich habe ein FIX angehangen, der fuer ein Deutsches XP gedacht ist.

Folgende Dateien sind enthalten:

- 2x Link fuer das StartMenu mit korrektem Pfad zu C:\Programme\Toshiba\Tvs\... (default Pfad)

- eine Einzeiler Batch (Doppelklick), um den (HKLM\Run) AutoStart-Eintrag zu korrigieren

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"SRS WOW Plugin from Toshiba for WMP9" is the very first co-operation that Toshiba had with SRS Labs. The plug-in, with only WOW XT technology, only works within WMP whereas TVS, with BOTH WOW XT and TruSurround XT technologies, works as a global 'system plug-in'. With TVS, there is no need for the WMP plug-in. As you have probably noticed, Toshiba has stopped updating the WMP9 plug-in for quite a while, but it is constantly updating TVS. In many ways, TVS is both a big improvement and replacement of the WMP9 plug-in.

"Toshiba Audio Effect Utility for Windows XP v2.00.00" is another old version of TVS, digitally signed in September last year, and v1.00.02 was more than one year old. :)

In conclusion, TVS v1.00.06 is the latest and the best to use. (Digitally signed on 11 Jan 2005)

It will definitely work for WinAMP as it is a truly GLOBAL 'system plug-in' that even works for Windows XP system sounds :)

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hazart, if reports of a successfull and proper functionality on DELL, ACER or any other Laptop are posted, this will be a candidate for the next newsletter we send out :)

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hazart, if reports of a successfull and proper functionality on DELL, ACER or any other Laptop are posted, this will be a candidate for the next newsletter we send out  :)

WOW, that's cool!!!

This is a top quality software from Toshiba! Do we have similar quality stuff from other manufacturers? :) It will be great if there is any! :P

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Sadly, it doesn't install on my Dell 5150.


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I've tried it on my MEDION MD41300 laptop.

Also doesn't work :)

I think this tool should only work on Toshiba notebooks...

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Unfortunately, as I thought...

Toshiba must have incorporated a checksum in the setup so that only Toshiba users can use this application. I think it has something to do with the licensing agreement Toshiba has with SRS Labs, or otherwise Toshiba would be paying for any laptop user in the world to use WOW XT and TruSurround XT.

Topic updated...

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Here's a link i found this night, which explains the whole story of the TOSHiBA and SRS alliance and some general information. They made the agrrement just recently in November 2004 and now we already are able to profit from this :)

Really interesting (it's in english):


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Here's what TOSHiBA wrote about it:

SRS TruSurround XT for improved listening pleasure.

Many of today's audio sources are provided in multi-

channel encodings, in particular the audio tracks on

DVD recordings or CDs. Multi-channel recordings are

designed for playback on systems that feature five,

six, or more, midrange speakers plus one low-range

speaker (a sub-woofer) as found in typical

home-theatre audio systems. However, this presents

a real drawback to people who want to watch DVD

movies (and other multimedia with multi-channel

audio tracks) who don't have multi-channel playback


SRS TruSurround XT? technology addresses this limitation.

TruSurround takes the multi-channel audio signals as

input and produces two-channel audio output

specially designed to simulate the surround sound

experience to the listener: the sound image perceived

by the listener's ear paints a virtual picture of

the centre-channel and side speakers that one would

have in a multi-speaker surround sound.

In effect, you will have a much more immersive audio

experience while watching DVDs with this technology.

Some of our notebooks are equipped with this technology.

Furthermore you'll find some more information in the attached PDF.



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Should there be a possability to trick the instalation to think the laptop where it is installed on is a toshiba or something??

This tool seems to be a good tool wich I would like to have/try, but I won't buy me a new (toshiba) laptop to have better sound :)

BTW: is this tool realy so amazing??? as I hear everybody talking about it that the quality of the sound is fantastic (for laptop speakers...)


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There are possibilities, but these would not be legal :) due to the SRS/Toshiba licensing policy and therefore we cannot promote them.

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Oh, ok, I see...

But i don't know how to do it :s ...

If there is anybody who knows it, please send me a PM or a mail... (or if you know a site or something where it is explained...)

If it works I WON'T post it here due to the SRS/Toshiba licensing policy, so the forum, etc. has nothing to do with it...


thx in advance


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Hmm, well I installed it but...

Seems um, not quite what I had expected, the only program I've noticed a difference in so far is Winamp, where the music plays at about 1/2 or 1/4 of the speed of normal (louder if SRS is on, but neither one plays at proper speed anymore).

Anyone else have issues (This is on my 1955-S805 with WinXP)

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Guest Whorebo

Yes I am having issues too. it makes an awful buzzing sound now when its meant to be playing sound... so it doesnt work on a P10 either. Mind you i ahve the latest AC97 sound drivers... maybe thats the problem?

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Just installed this on my Satellite 5105-s501. It sounds even more incredible than it did before. I am truly impressed! Thank you for e-mailing the info about this to the site's registered users. Otherwise, I would not have known about this. LV2Go is the best :)

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@Whorebo & Arla:

That's strange. It works here just without ANY issues (no distortion, no Speed issues, no nothing). It just installed and the bass volume, clarity and "fullness" of the sound is truly amazing, especially also on external speakers when used with the appropiate profile.

@Arla, that's the intention of TVS: to be usable on any Player, not only WMP (where there's also a SRS plugin), so you will probably not hear a difference in WMP, but ONLY in WinAMP. Do you use any other Players and there's no difference to hear would be my next question.

Concerning the issue with speed, i can only imagine that there's something afoot with the SoundCard driver.


the latest AC97 sound drivers
which version & OEM is this? Some generic?

Which player did you use and experienced the buzzing sound?

@CraigCorp: hi and welcome back, long time no see. Glad you like the mail :)

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Sorry, what I mean't was that I played sounds with a couple of programs specifically

Zoomplayer (which showed no difference at all whether on or off, not even the speed issue) and Creative Labs MP3 Ripping/playing program that I use for Ripping CD"s (the only good thing to come out of my Nomad Jukebox).

I'll try finding new AC97 drivers (since I've not updated in...) and also try a few other versions... I like the fullness of the sound that I heard, it's the speed issue that makes it unworkable for me right now.

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Could it be that the Creative device and the corresponding drivers are responsible for the speed issue. From what i earlier experienced with SoundBlaster cards is that the drivers (don't know about the new ones) are digging deep into the system, are a pain to get rid of (leftovers in Registry, system32\drivers and elsewhere) and 'may' be blocking the correct sound output, as Creative 'may' install their own low level filter driver.

These are all assumptions from me, which may be totally wrong ... :ph34r:

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The Creative software is just a media player, it has nothing to do with a sound card, I've tried updating my sound card driver, and using a couple of versions of the Virtual Sound program, neither worked, guess it's not compatable with all toshiba laptops,

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Guest Whorebo

I wasnt using any player. It was distorted already just playing hte windows sound, just came out as a weird sound, similar to that of a modem, just quieter and weirder.

i have Realtek Ac'97 ver

What do you mean Generic? Theyre just the ones of the Realtek page... Im not evne sure if theyre the right ones but they didnt have any options for the Ac'97 drivers...

Anyway, I mean my sounds great, just until I install that program, tahts when I stop hearing anything :)

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Maybe adjusting a diversity of sound options needs to be done, so that as a result only one filter/software/plugin is active. Try first disabling any 3D Sound Option (whatever they are called on your Laptop) in the Volume Control Panel (see attache dpicture)...or it just don't works, which would be weird.


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Guest Whorebo


It sounds FANTASTIC!

I feel like... Im... wow, its just awesome!!!! Totally impressed! What do I do with the speaker size setting though?

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I was wondering about speaker size setting too. I guess these versions are intended for Qosimio. I havent been able to find detailed technical info on Qosimo vs. Satellite 52xx speaker systems. In particular, we have the subwoofer, do the other models? Certainly everything seems louder and wider with the add-on, but some stuff seems to push frequencies (or something) too far for the onboard system, and I find some stuff sounds better with it turned off, streams of Daily Show from the net for instance...

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