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Lightest nvidia go based laptop with 6600 or better performance


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I've been tried to find a Nvidia Go based laptop that has 6600 or better performance. I'd prefer someting with dedicated memory (unless some of these new turbo cache setups out perform dedicated) and a 15"+ screen, but neither not an absolute requirement. My current laptop is a older IBM A21p model (super reliable, never had a single problem) desktop replacement laptop. The thing i hate about it is that its super super heavy, around 8lbs. I'm in the US if it matters I'd love any suggestions you can offer.

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Check out ASUS, they have a huge range.

They have come a long way in reliability and quality.

Ah IBM, my A20m is still going strong, IBM are reliable but ugly, I doubt there is a more reliable brand out there.

IBM is not known for performance laptops, they stick with reliability a good thing for business folk.

Also their choice in nVidia based lappies is very limited.

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hmm.. i've looked all over and the best i can find is 6.6 lbs ABS .. nvidia go 6600. do the 7400's outperform a 6600 where the 7400 uses system memory?

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Have you looked through here ?

These are all the go7x00 series notebooks we know of (you may have to scroll through the thread to get them all)

I'm quite drawn to the ASUS A8Jm with 512MB go7600 with 14" screen.

The go7400 will probably have around the same speed as the go6600.

But the go7400 will be more effecient and use less power, have better powermizer features etc etc.

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My Toshiba originally had a Geforce Go 5600 card with 128 MB which had respectable performance (for a laptop) in XP. As a reference: Need for Speed Undeground 2 ran flawlessly at maxed-out settings at 1280x800.

The video card died recently and the shop replaced the whole motherboard, which came with a Go 6600 card instead. Its video performance is allegedly better, not that I care single I rarely play any games, but the noise is orders of magnitude worse.

The old card would kick in once an hour for a few seconds (roaring sound - it doesn't have any speed steps; either stopped or full-blast).

The new card kicks in every minute. It's about even between running and not running; and after a few hours of working, it pretty much runs all the time. And it still has only one speed: full blast.

I would caution you about wanting the "most poweful" video card (same for CPU, in fact). For office or programming work, the priorities are just different. GPU performance is of very little consequence.

What matters for being productive is peace and quiet; you need to go out and find the laptop designed with the most silence in mind; anyone can pile up the "fastest" hardware, never mind that the fan noise and heat will drive the user crazy.

In fact I've set my eyes on IBM/Lenovo as my next laptop. www.notebookreview.com has very good reviews of their T and R models - always check the "heat and noise" sections in their reviews!

Just my opinion - if you're a heavy gamer wearing headphones all the time it may be different for you! :)


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and the shop replaced the whole motherboard

:) Where is the shop located? Waht's the name? Any internet adress?

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the lightest one with dedicated GPU is LG TX... currently i am using it... GPU is Geforce GO 7300. Weight is abt 1.07kg

however, the bad pt is tat it is only 12.1" widescreen and everything else is external aka the ROM drives.

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