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Custom inf for alienware Geforce Go 7800 GTX and windows xp x64


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Hi I have just finished this inf for my alienware laptop, I use it with the 84.21 release and windows xp 64 bit edition.

It allows me to launch the nvidia setup and to obtain 3489 under 3Dmarks 2006.

It may interessed people with the Aurora m7700....


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Hey Jack. Thanks for posting but I have something I'd like you to examine if it won't be a problem.


It's a modded INF for the 84.25 x64 drivers but I'm not sure how it will effect things but it is fully modified and all known options should be available for Alienware users. Can you compare it to yours perhaps and if it works well enough maybe we can start a better x64 support vector for the Aurora/MJ12 7700 series.

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From what I heard it crashed. Well, at least the settings are available. I'm not too experienced with X64 INFs yet. Hopefully you can pick up where I left off.

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sweet!!! i was just thinking i should install xp 64 on my laptop and was worried about a horrid search for drivers. Then i googled and found this post. I am about to install xp x64 as i am writing this post and will test out these drivers for my laptop. And will be posting my results. Also can you post any really hard to find drivers for the m7700 for x64 if you read this. Thanks.

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well i have bad results from 3dmark 06 i have only gotten a 2406 on 3dmark06, but it did allow me to install a driver though with the setup program.

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