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Ok well I've got 3 questions! I'm using the 84.20 nVidia driver on my 7800 GO GTX 256 MB vRam. I know I did some major questions about this in a very old topic but here are my questions.

1. I wanted to update my driver again but when I went to update I have 2 Drivers. One is the original driver. One is the new driver. Which one do I update?

2. I run on 1920x1200 resolution and I have 50 + games on my computer and they all work perfectly! But BF2 doesn't! It makes no sense. I've done HUGE HUGE HUGE support requests with them and neither of us could figure it out. It crashes back to the desktop before the game starts. I know that the game should work because it used to work before I got my computer back from Alienware support after it broke. He finally came to the conclusion that it was my refresh rate which is 61Hz. He said that only 60Hz works. Any idea? Which brings me to my next question.

3. My laptop says that I can ONLY RUN 61Hz NO MATTER WHAT. All the settings are 61Hz on every resolution. I've noticed that my laptop can actually hit a res of 1024x(Whatever) with a 85Hz resolution because I booted up in a new OS :) and it autoed me to 85Hz. So I'm asking: I've gotten my computer to tell me that 60Hz is a valid refresh rate by using nVidia's custom settings and before I do it I want to make sure that if something fails changing my refresh rate will it ###### up my computer? Will I be able to go back to 61Hz? I don't think it will hurt because I'm setting the refresh rate DOWN 1Hz which really shouldn't ###### anything up but asking.

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Stay with your driver since it works for you... Battlefield 2 is a pain in the arse... it was released too early, unfinished and they keep patching and patching and patching. Trying to ungrade / downgrade drivers just for Battlefield 2 will lead you to a point where you'll fuckup your system and you'll need to reinstall the OS.

HINT: you can play the games in resolutions lower than 1920x1200 and widescreen. You can try in 4/3 with a classic 1024x768.

The refresh rate at 61Hz is really wierd... the native refresh rate of the screen at it's max resolution is 60Hz. 60Hz at this resolution you are at the max your LCD screen can display and at or near the limit of your video card. You wont see a difference of higher refresh rate anyway on a LCD. Some lower resolution LCD allow 75Hz but with no visible gain. IMHO.

If you have a 2"5 HDD lying around try doing a fresh install of Windows to see if it fixes some wierdness.

ps: you can upgrade to the 84.25 driver with it's modded INF. Look on the frontpage of the site and follow the FAQ.

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Do NOT tinker with the refresh rate of your LCD.

It's normally set to 60hz and this is the correct and only refresh rate it should have.

Some screens use 61hz (as yours) or 59hz, you can juts leave this as it works.

LCD's work different to CRT's and a 60hz refresh rate isn't bad, it only means the screen can only be updated a max of 60x per second.

There is no flicker with LCD's as the pixels are updated not refreshed as with a CRT.

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I don't want better refreshrate I just want to play BF2. Ok I won't change it but NOTHING works to get BF2 working. I've used multiple drivers, multiple installs, downloaded the demo which has the same problem, etc and nothing has worked.

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