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Need Driver For Warcraft


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Anyone now of a driver that works with Warcraft, Im Having a bad flickering problem to the point where I can't play the game Using Nvidia G-Force go5700 I have tried several drivers all produce the same problem any info on this would be a great help!

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not a clue man I am going to stay clear of nvidia mobile gpu's and alienware mobile systems for now on due to support, the nvidia gpu's nvidia does not make drivers for the 6800 go series and lower kind of blows, alienware mobile systems it took 5 ati x800 m28's mobile gpu's for them to send me a new one, and I had to report them to the BBB to make sure I got a new card, I have zero problems with the ati x800 mobile gpu and gaming or any thing else and the graphics look better and or are smoother than the nvidia 6800 go mobile card, and ati supports their mobilty gpu's and thats a big big plus for me love the latest calalist drivers i got no crashes no nothing now, fully 100% stable area 51m 7700 comp, next 4 years when it comes to making a new computer doing a desktop I think again all msi hardware but the graphics card, going with a card right from ati since they have less problems than a 2nd party made one. kingston ram or samsung ram, and so far segate, maxtor and quantum are my favorite hd's have had too many wester digitals have the motor in the hd burn out on me and do the clicky clicky noise when they died on me... but I will be set for windows vista next year and so far all the latest games on the market no slow down with this mobile gpu love the ati x800 prob will make ati my card of choice for now on.

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That is official... we are launching a donnation so that Rob can buy a keyboard that includes both SHIFT and RETURN keys.

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