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TOSHIBA Satellite M30 TV-out Problems


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Update: At this time I am putting issues #1-3 to rest, especially since driver revisions beyond this one will likely end up leaning towards benefiting 7000+ series cards as opposed to my measly 5200. It would be nice if someone else can do the research to find out exactly what went wrong between 78.10, 78.11, and 78.17 (78.17 is where things really get ugly), and beyond. My request is if anyone can help solve this issue permanently for any future driver releases, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi there. I'm using 84.25 and 84.43 drivers at the moment, with the following issues (switched back to 84.25 for now):

1. If I use LCD/TV (Dual) or TV (Single) output, and switch my resolution at any given time, the TV output goes blank. -- FIXED using driver version currently under testing. Warning that anything beyond this version is considered bad for the M30, and there is no word on how this may be fixed in the near future on any driver revisions.

2. Any modded INF generates noise on the S-Video port for no reason. Official TOSHIBA drivers (46.44, can find here). do not have this problem. image.PNG demonstrates the noise that appears. This was done doing an S-Video output -> DV camera -> captured via FireWire. -- FIXED using driver version currently under testing. Warning that anything beyond this version is considered bad for the M30, and there is no word on how this may be fixed in the near future on any driver revisions.

3. The driver fails to detect if the S-Video port is plugged into something. I keep having to use "Force TV Detection". -- FIXED, 78.10 solves this issue and detects the S-Video port properly.

4. When playing any games in Clone mode (LCD/TV) they like to freeze at some point. Not sure what is causing this.

List of changes from 46.44 to 84.25 modded INF (no changes to modded INF). This is basically a list of lines that were present in 46.44 and not present in 84.25.

** indicates the line was changed to a particular value.

Note that I also considered commented lines in 84.25 as "lines that were not present in 84.25". For example, "DevicesConnected" was commented in 84.25. It also had a value of 1, as opposed to 257.

OverlayMode2, OverlayMode3, were omitted as they have been proven to relate to the Video Overlay/VMR problem.

HKR,, VPEEnable,				   %REG_DWORD%,	0
HKR,, Mobile,					  %REG_DWORD%,	2
HKR,, DevicesConnected,			  %REG_DWORD%,	257
HKR,, DisableTVClockInversion,	 %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, WidePanelBehavior,		   %REG_DWORD%,	0x22
HKR,, OverrideMonitorPower,		%REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, Override1400x1050,		   %REG_DWORD%,	1

HKR,, DualViewMobile,			  %REG_DWORD%,	1
**HKR,, DualViewMobile,				%REG_DWORD%,	2

HKR,, DualviewPolicyID,			%REG_DWORD%,	1
**HKR,, DualViewPolicyID,			  %REG_DWORD%,	2

HKR,, HotkeyPrimaryDevScheme,	  %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, NV11MLFNT,				   %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, UseGDIRefreshRate,		   %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, DevSwitchSuppressMask,	   %REG_DWORD%,	7
HKR,, ModesetBlankDelay,		   %REG_DWORD%,	150
HKR,, DeviceSpecificDPMS,		  %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, DeinterlaceMode,			 %REG_DWORD%,	0
HKR,, PowerMizerDefault,		   %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, EnableCoreVoltage,		   %REG_DWORD%,	0
HKR,, BandwidthFactor,			 %REG_DWORD%,	4
HKR,, FSDOSHotKeyPolicy,		   %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, VPVer,					   %REG_DWORD%,	1
HKR,, UseDefaultFlatPanelModeOnReboot,%REG_DWORD%, 1
HKR,, PanelPowerWaitForSequencer,  %REG_DWORD%,	0
HKR,, MutuallyExDevs,			  %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,02,00,01,00,00,00

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,DisableCPUInfo,%REG_DWORD%,1
**HKLM,"SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak", DisableCPUInfo,		 		   %REG_DWORD%, 0

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,NvCplEnableRotatePage,%REG_DWORD%,1

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,NvCplDisableTvVideoOutputFormats,%REG_DWORD%,1
**HKLM,"SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak", NvCplDisableTvVideoOutputFormats,   %REG_DWORD%, 0

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,DisableKSModeChangeOverlayUpdate,%REG_DWORD%,1
HKLM,"Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\nView",CloneToggleMode,%REG_DWORD%,1
HKLM,"Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\nView\Hotkeys","Disable_ToggleClone",%REG_DWORD%,1

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,PowermizerPreferences,%REG_DWORD%,1
**HKLM,"SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak", PowermizerPreferences,			  %REG_DWORD%, 0

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,NoDFPCtrls,%REG_DWORD%,0x8

EDIT: I've just tested adding the needed lines and changing lines as necessary. Didn't fix any problems; all it's done is make monitor scaling impossible now. :)

EDIT 2: I've tried taking the NVTS.INF from 46.44, putting it into 84.25, and adding files as necessary (no replacements required). Still the same result. So then this means one of the files in 84.25 sucks, and it's definitely not the INF. Anyone have any takes on what file might be so s***ty as to screw me up badly? (e.g., TV driver?)

EDIT 3: Currently testing at the moment. 78.10 is considered the best driver at this time, fixing #1 and #2.


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Sounds as if the answers lie in the Toshiba INF.

Us dell users had TV out problems as well, and on some drivers using Dell INF settings fixes it, so you are on the right track, can just copy and paste some tweaks over and test.

I can't test for you so I'm not much help, but you could try inviting other Toshiba users over here.

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If you read the post carefully, I've already tried modifying the INF as much as possible and came up with no results. In fact, copying a very old INF from a driver that works (say, 46.44) to a driver that doesn't work properly (84.25) will still result in the same problem. So either the driver files are at fault, or there is an INF line that no one knows about at this time, which should be found and used.

I've also tried the Medion TV fixes but they don't help at all.

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