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geforce4 420 and Directx9


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I need to upgrade my video driver to work (or atleast emulate) a directx9 compatable video driver.

the program i am using requires a directx9 compatable driver.

Please help, as i need this to be up and running for sunday's church service.

Laptop details:

compaq r3000 / r3306us

geforce4 420 video card

winxp home sp2


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What program are you trying to use? (would have halped if you already told us that)

If you are doing a video or powerpoint presentation you shouldn't need DX9 for that.

If the program actually requires hardware support of DX9 effects (Pixel shader 2 or 3) then you are out of luck, the 420 go doesn't even support pixel shader 1 effects. (DX7 card)

You could play with this program (3Danalyzer), but otherwise go with different software or a different laptop.


If you don't have DX9 now is the time to get it off of windows update, and as far as driver recomendations you could try 84.25 with Pieter's mod INF from here.


(DirectX 9.0c)


I hope that the next time the Pastor tells you to ask about emulating DX9 more than a day ahead of time you will listen to him. :)

(Pulling a different laptop out of thin air this fast is quite hard)

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