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TV out from GeForce 420 Go (Toshiba)

Guest Simon

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Guest Simon


I have a Toshiba Satellite 1410 running Windows XP Home Edition with a Nvidia GeForce 420 Go. I am trying to play some video files I have on my computer through my new digital tv by connecting with a monitor cable, but I'm having a weird problem. I can see the contents of the computer screen fine on the tv - desktop, windows, etc, but if I play the video files (in Windows Media Player or Winamp) the video displays on the computer but not on the tv. I assumed this was a driver issue and, after painstaking searches and a lot of frustration, ended up at this website. I've tried installing drivers from this website (84.21, 81.98 and 84.37) but when windows restarts I get a error page and have to go to last good version.

I would be very interested to know:

-Whether this is a driver problem

-What I'm doing wrong in installing drivers from this site

-If it is a driver problem, what the most suitable driver to fix it is

I am, unfortunately, a little deficient on computer literacy otherwise I would have read more of the faqs on this site and investigated this matter further. I apologise if I am asking a question that has already been answered in an faq or elsewhere.

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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New drivers have issues with old cards. Try 71.89 for example and see if they cause crashes as well. For video file problem, that is usual because overlay can only be displaed on one source. For a quick trick, open nVidia control panel and select Secondary or Primary display when you hook it up to your TV in Overlay Device (name might be wrong) tab.

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