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Dell XPS M1210


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Dell XPS M1210 has been leaked on the web with full pics and specs available. The XPS M1210 will be a 12.1" screen laptop with dedicated graphics via an nVidia 7300 or ATI X1300 card, Core Duo processor, 5-in-1 media card reader and many other cool features. Yes, this thing looks hot!


The specs and pictures for this XPS M1210 laptop come compliments of forum member iXPS in the NotebookForums.com Dell forum. Another forum member there, reldavison, reports the specs for this M1210 as being the following:

  • Screen: 12" WXGA screen (1280 x 800)
  • Graphics: Nvidia 7300 or ATI x1300 graphics
  • Integrated optical drive DVD+-rw dual layer
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo (unknown which specific processors)
  • RAM: Up to 2 or 4GB (unknown specifically how much)
  • Bluetooth v2 and 3945abg
  • Ports and Slots:
    Expresscard54 (left hand side)
    5 in 1 media reader (right hand side)
    S-video out (Left hand side)
    2 headphone ports (front)
    2 USB2 ports (left hand side)
    Modem (left hand side)
    Mic port (front)
    VGA port (back)
    10/100 lan (back)
  • Webcam Option
  • Front located media buttons
  • Nice black and silver finish
  • Release Mid-May
  • Price: ?

Read more here.

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Looks very nice. Small, lightweight, and a powerhouse makes this thing worth looking at. Nice design too. Plain and simple, yet unexaggerated.

Nice find sn0wl! :)

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Guest Guest

I have this notebook for 2 days now and must say it :) me a lot!

It's amazing because it's fully pack. What makes it great as most of us know is the discrete graphics card. It's shared but still, it's still great to have a non-integrated only in a small lappy like that.

If I have to give it m1210 a rate (1 to 10 where 10 is the highest), I'll give it an 8.5 rating!

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