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GeForce 440mx Go finally burnt down from 64mb->32mb

Guest iron_monkey

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Guest iron_monkey

guess this is sort of support but at the same time general/offtopic question...

well...after 3 some years of my satelite 5105-s701...my card finally gave way...though originally happened last month...i opened it up...give it a compressed air can cleaning and added "padding" for pressure on the card...this worked flawlessly for about a month...

though i dont play games on this piece no more...i noticed the monitor would display artifacts recently like last week...after my quick mickey mouse patch work eariler...and then i knew it...######!...this thing is gonna die for real...so i checked properties page for the hell of it...and noticed the 32mb was listed as vram when it should be listed as 64mb...thing is, if a hit my laptop right at start up...it would kick in the other 32mb...but maybe 5mins after boot up...screen goes min res...artifacts all over and says nv4_p.dll something has failed...im guessing the bad ram went down...restarted...and its 32mb again...so maybe a lose solder/connection??

main thing im wondering from this story is there a way to make the card "32mb" and physical remove the bad ram...is this even possible? or maybe a diagram of the card to fix the bad solder joints?...im just tryna squeeze the life out the card before it really does die out...searched on ebay before and the cards are too expensive...$300 average...to me not worth it...ive been planning on "making the switch" to mac anyway (please no hate and stay on topic here)...but really...im just tryna extended the life of my laptop with video card intact...and no vga mode either...i cant really do much in that state

not really looking for support, but if u know any info about this...would greatly appreacite to hear'em... but just sharing a story to other 5105 owners...cuz sooner or later...u know...

also glad to see site is still up and running...its a good site for all laptop owners...and the resurrection of remotex! :)

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It's not worth spending money on a laptop that old.

May as well use it to buy your Apple.

We could never hate Apple, as some models come with NVIDIA graphics cards :)

I even added support for these a few weeks back.

The padding you added may have doomed your Graphics as this may have acted as an insulator and kept the heat trapped.

But old age may have been a big factor as well.

Yes we're still around and hope to be for a long time :)

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You were the one who originally posted the link to remotex, right? Thanks again for sharing the link to this tool. It came this far, that Gennady even enhanced RemoteX, as everybody loves it :)

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