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Dual Monitor Issue


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Ok this is a rather weird problem but here goes.

Basically I use a 2-monitor set-up when working at home. I run my notebook using a DVI 19" TFT and keep the notebooks screen turned off.

My problem with this. For some reason when I play games just using the TFT as my main display I will occasionally get my games stopping for 3-5 seconds then carry on. I have tried the same games using only the laptops display and the games don’t do this at all so I know its something to do with the second display.

Anyone else experienced this and if so know of a fix?

BTW using driver version 83.91 (only one that powermizer seems to work in)

Please :)

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I have never experienced that myself, but really you should just switch the second monitor off using the display scheme menu hotkey found in the nview desktop manager when you are running single monitor games. (or use these command line switches)


*reads post again*

So you say you ARE just running one monitor (external) and it does that?

It could just be the driver then, maybe 84.25 has it fixed.... :) (Would be nice to know if a different driver works)

Don't know if there is much we can do about it, I'm guessing the driver might be buggy, or your laptop's hardware is. I have never seen a problem like that unless there was a hardware problem.

A 7800 GTX should be fully supported by newer drivers, I find it hard to believe powermizer doesn't work on most newer drivers (in the 84.xx range currently).

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Ok I tried 84.56 last night and powermizer is working correctly in that version so I'm sticking with it. Unfortunately the pausing games bug is still there as I found out when driving near a large drop in BF2 (Pause then dead) although it didn't do it as often but that might not mean a thing as its random anyway.

Only way to avoid it is playing on the notebooks screen but then its pointless me having the 19" LCD and besides its easier to play on the external LCD.

I will try deactivating the other display like you mentioned. I will say this though, I use the notebooks FN key then the (I think its F4 key) to change the display over to the external LCD instead of setting it via NVIDIA control panel. Would this cause it?

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