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Problem with hardware H264 acceleration


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I have a Toshiba Satellite M40 running a Geforce Go 6600

It should be capable of hardware H264 acceleration but it's not working!

I've installed

-Forceware v84.21 with the modded inf

-special Nero 7 Ultra Edition Trial Version (to get Nero Showtime 3 with purevideo support,

from http://www.nero.com/enu/NVidia.php

My system is running Windows XP home edition

I have uninstalled K-lite codec pack, the only codec pack on my system

So Windows Media Player can't play H264 clips

Nero Showtime can play H264, but CPU utilization is always 100% and gives choppy video

I've already checked the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" in configuration

Am I missing sth?

Has anyone had similar experience?


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Do the nvision drivers support purevideo?

What kind of H264 stream do you feed your system? Quicktime? 720? 1080?

You have to keep in mind that of all the H264 Purevideo capable programs Nero is the LESS EFFICIENT. You might want to read the review made by the french hardware site Hardware.fr (then used a UBER system to run those tests)

Last point... since you use the 84.21 drivers with modded INF... go to the Display properties, then advanced, then Geforce. Look for the Video overlay settings and untick the VMR checkbox. It fixed the stuttering I got in all videos.

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Since purevideo should support hd wmv acceleration,

I installed "Update to enable DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) of Windows Media Video content in Windows Media Player 10" and "hotfix 891122"

In Windows Media Player 10->options->performance->video acceleration->advanced->dvd-video,

this is wt I see


I can't enable hardware decoding acceleration!

What should I do to enable hardware acceleration?


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