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Looking for a 4-5 fan 17" notebook cooler that works

Guest Rob

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I have had my notebook since last year I love it esp since I got these latest drivers from the tweaksrus site my nvidia 6800 go runs awsome now esp on all my games and i have the latest drivers thats a big big plus.

BUT ATM I know these things run hot really hot, Looking for a notebook cooler for an area 51m 7700 with 4-5 fans I have been looking since last year and all the ones I have seen are crap I am about to just build my own get an aluminum panel with the mesh holes already drilled into it like the side of a mini pc for the air flow buy some big big high powered desktop fans with the sound dampering already built into them, get a mini pc power supply thinking of the msi one its really small, some plastic and quick steel and make it so more than enough air can get though the bottom of it with thoes huge huge fans pushing all that nice rushing air up on the bottom of my notebook and forcing more air into the bottom fan air intatkes of my notebook. pretty sad if i have to do this any one know a company that specilizes in this?

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Only way I know of to get parts for any particular laptop is OEM (the manufacturer) or custom built yourself. We should soon be seeing laptops where end-users can upgrade themselves, but it will be a while before we can fully customize everything.

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