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Guest brynj
Does the LCD come on when you open or close the screen abit? (move it)

External still works fine but not the LCD? (no matter what driver you choose)

Does it experience this problem of the LCD cutting of when you are viewing the BIOS screen?

Sounds like your flex cable could be loose or bad (connects LCD to graphics card in your laptop)

Dell has manuals on their support site, should check those out, or you could call up Dell.

http://support.dell.com/ Select your model and then user guides and manuals from the drop down box.

Internal LCD doesn't work at all (comes on during the diagnostic test during pre-boot for some reason...) but the external LCD works all the time. On installing this driver I could detect the laptop display and switch from the external LCD being the primary to dual view, then disable the external LCD. All other driver revisions don't have this option (I think its the nvmobls.dll - NVIDIA Display Properties Extension, but not sure).

I've already had the LCD replaced and yes its brand new, had it for about 7 days (the M1710) which is pretty poor. Taking Dell a little while to ship the parts in to get stuff replaced because as you said its so new they don't even have the parts to replace stuff.

This driver works (JUST) but gives a lot of stability problems (red pixels appearing all over the place, LCD intermittently turning on and off), however the BIOS and pre-windows loading screen don't show at all, the LCD turns on once windows has logged in. No other drivers seem to work though which is weird.

The BIOS doesn't show the native LCD resolution.. used to say 1920 by 1200, but now reads 0 by 0 which is the only hint I've got so far yet it means nothing to me :)

Wouldn't the flex cable have been reconnected when the new LCD was put in? Don't really want to have to take apart everything because I don't know too much about the innards of laptops yet (only PC's) so I think i'll leave it to the Dell techies... The don't seem to diagnose the problem very well however, and just want to replace everything without looking at any software side stuff, maybe it is the hardware though I've got no idea!

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