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hi folks,

i'm new to the forum, so go easy if i've posted in the wrong place or ask any silly questions!

here's my problem -

having installed tombraider legend, the next gen content in the graphics config menu slows the whole thing down when activated. now, no-one seems to be wise on this subject - the general consensus is that it is a driver issue, and nvidia is working on it. i contacted nvidia and recieved no information or help whatsoever. i don't know if this is symptomatic of the way their company is set up, or if indeed it is down to the developers of the game (who claim with great splendour that nvidia and themselves were joined at the hip during the development of this game).

i have put a post on this site, because i notice there are drivers with a higher version number than the latest one that nvidia provide via their site (currently 83.40) and maybe one of these drivers runs next gen content nicely. i would like to resolve this issue because there will be more games with ngc, and surely my go7800gtx will handle it? surely!

my system is a clevo m570a with a 2.13 mobile chip, a gig of 533 ram, a 100gb 7200rpm sata drive and of course the 256mb go 7800gtx.

what have the rest of you found with regards to this ngc?

and what is the actual latest driver i can use?

and what do the rest of you consider to be the driver that gives the best performance overall?

hope someone can help?!


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