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Quoted from the site:

This tool can assist with troubleshooting INCA88 and MAYA 7.1 cards on new motherboards, as well as with solving some other specific problems with sound cards in general. Cheack out readme.txt in the zip file for usage instructions.

Note that this fix is not guaranteed to work; it certainly is worth a try. If it will work, we would like to hear some feedback from you, along with system specs and the settings you used.

Here are some guidelines, but you'll have to figure out the exact best settings for your system yourself:

- Decrease the Host and PCI bridge (all of them) latencies to 0

- Set the sound card's latency to 0. You may also try increasing the latency (start with 64 and go all the way to 248).

- Decrease the latency for the video card. Start with 192 and go down until it gives the desired effect.

- set all other devices to 32 or 0.

New in 3.0:

-Complete rewrite. Smaller, safer, faster.

-Restores saved settings after resuming from standby.

-Import/Export preset functionality.

-Nasty bug fixed (system lock up due to Windows reporting non-existing devices)

build 3: more dumb bugs fixed (hepefully...)

Please read the included readme.

Use WinRAR to extract the archive (www.rarlabs.com)

Requires Windows Installer 3.0, available at www.microsoft.com

Check it out here.

If you read the postings below, you'll see a certain person had requested the settings to stick after resuming from standby & hibernate. :)

*Read all instructions before installing & proceeding.


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404 on both of these links. I'll put the latest version i have here until someone who knows Korean can fix us up with some new links for it. :)

PCI Latency Tool v3.1.2.rar


Sendspace.com link no longer valid as the PCI Latency Tool v3.1.2 download is no longer available there.

It would be best to obtain v3.1.2 of PCI Latency Tool from this Guru3D page:


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shockingly enough, the so-called version 3.1 build 2 of PCI Latency Tool IS NOT THE LATEST VERSION!!! The MSI packages for PCI Latency Tool v3.1.2 have a date of 12/26/2005 WHILE the MSI packages for PCI Latency Tool v3.0 build 3 [3.0.3] have a date of 12/29/2005!

hmm, so the latest version is "mis-labeled" or "mis-numbered" and should really be called version 3.0 build 2, NOT 3.1 build 2.

SO, version 3.0 build 3 as mentioned by Kamika007z IS really the latest version because v3.0.3 has slightly newer files than the v3.1.2 (or should I say v3.0.2) release.

anyways. links to older versions of PCI Latency Tool-

Version 2.7 [PCILatencyTool27.zip] (only works under Win2000/XP/2003 but not under Win9x/NT4)

Version 2.3 (ltcycfg2.zip) [latest one to work with Win98/WinME]

Version 2.0 [ltcycfg2.zip]

Version 1.02 [ltcycfg.zip]

If you're having trouble with the latest version of PCI Latency Tool, try the older versions especially if you are using Win9x OSes.

btw - the v3.0 build 3 release should also work under Windows Vista and Windows 7, hopefully.

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