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anybody know?


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hey all..

i recently installed a game to check it out....

i dont play games that much but like to see the graphics,etc..my roomate likes them...

anyhow i noticed during the intro of the game i hear this sort of crackling..but when the game starts i dont hear it anymore..during the games talking,etc,etc its fine but only during "movie sequences" i hear this crackling sound.......i installed a few others to test and same deal..only during the movie seq......'s..

anybody have any ideas??

is there a speaker tester app or something?

i did try the realtek sound effect manager and all is good...i did the bee test,etc,etc

i was thinking maybe blown speakers or something but when i play music thru it i dont hear any crackling or any sign that somethings wrong...

i have a alienware 7700 notebook (if that helps any)

could it be i have a crappy driver installed??

thanx 4 your time all

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Does it work fine in general like watching video's and music? If you it could be something with DirectX. Try reinstalling DX and check our Sound Card Drivers section to see if there is an updated driver for your sound card.

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it only does it during the movie bits in games..weird..not for music though...during the actual playing of the game its fine as well..just for the movie sections..

for mpg clips and all of that it doesnt do it either...

how do i know which driver to look into for my sound card??i dont even know which kind i have...i have whatever comes with the alienware area51m-770 unit...


ill look into it some more later...i have to get some sleep..

how do i uninstall directx??i dont see it there in my uninstall options...

i do have the directxc april update here..

thanx for the reply and hope to figure this out.. :)

took a quick look this is the sound system in here..

Intel® High Definition 7.1 Audio

Bit Depth 24-bit

Signal to Noise Ratio 100+ dB

Max Sampling Rates 192 KHz

(2 channel)96 KHz (8 channel)

Speaker Support Up to 7.1

Digital Output Support Yes (SPDIF)

Alienware® high-performance systems feature Intel Intel® High Definition 7.1; featuring 8 channel (7.1) audio,192 kHz/24-bit processing, multi-streaming and jack re-tasking, Intel® HD Audio raises the bar to define a new standard in enthusiast PC audio.

Advanced 192 kHz/24-bit Audio Processing

Intel High-Definition Audio processes 5 times the audio detail of CD audio in 192 kHz/24-bit stereo and 96 kHz/24-bit in multi-channel surround sound. Gaming comes alive with immersive multi-channel 3D audio; digital music is rendered with pristine audio quality, clarity, and depth; and high-definition DVD-Audio achieves a new standard of fidelity for rich, multi-channel music listening.

Multi-channel / Multi-streaming Technology

Multi-channel audio is taken to the next level with the advent of multi-streaming technology. This technology allows simultaneous routing of discrete audio sources to specific audio channels ? multi-channel game audio can be output to surround sound speakers while game chat audio is routed to a headset.

Jack Re-tasking

Automatic reassignment of audio jack functionality is based on the type of device connected ? when a microphone is plugged into the speaker jack, for example, the system can automatically re-route the appropriate audio data to the speaker jack. This simplifies set-up and day-to-day use, making for high-performance PC audio that?s not only powerful but also easy to use.

sounds all great but its not acting like it...lol :)

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you could post the NERD logfile. This _exactly_ tells you your laptop's innards :)

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I remember reading about this on some forum. I think it's a known problem. I'll see if I can dig it up :)

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you could post the NERD logfile. This _exactly_ tells you your laptop's innards :P

ill have to research that a bit..i dont know anything bout nerd file.. :)

also @ice if you do find something please post.. :)

thanx to all..

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ill have to research that a bit..i dont know anything bout nerd file.. :)

Look carefully at Rene's signature... you'll see a reference to NERD that will lead you to the NERD zone.

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ok..i grabbed nerd v1.071..

ill mess with it tomorrow when i have some time..than ill post what is needed..

thanx for your time all.. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

i found out that theres a new driver available...ill give that a try and post back and see if it worked or not..

HD audio driver V1.38

well just updated and so far so good...no issues just yet..gonna install some more games and see if this crackling sound is still there but so far no issues with the games installed already...

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