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Core Duo / USB2.0 device battery draining patch released


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When you unplug the AC power from a Microsoft Windows XP-based SP2 portable computer, the battery may drain more quickly than you expect. Therefore, the operating system may shut down prematurely.

This behaviour was accidentically discovered and extensively described by Tom's Hardware Guide already in January 2006.

Microsoft has now released a package of updated USB Host Controller driver files after figuring out (with help of THG?) what causes this behaviour.

The portable computer cannot enter the deeper Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) processor idle sleep states.

This occurs when the USB 2.0 driver leaves the asynchronous scheduler component running continuously. This prevents the processor from entering the deeper ACPI processor idle sleep states, or C-states. C-states save power when the processor is not busy. These states range from C0 to C3 or C4. Typically, an idle portable computer uses the C3 and C4 states to preserve battery power. If an idle portable computer cannot enter or maintain the C3 or C4 states, the battery power drains more quickly. This problem is fixed by installing the download that is available in this article.

The patch updates the following files to v5.1.2600.2891

  • Usbehci.sys
  • Usbohci.sys
  • Usbport.sys
  • Usbuhci.sys

and you have the opportunity to read the complete knowledge base article and download the file HERE.

Uploaded the patch in 5 main languages. To

You might also want to read this Anandtech article on the subject.

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No problem, we try to keep Laptop owners from all over the world happy.

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Thanks for the update on this! I was wondering the same thing. Now when I get my IBM T60p in, I can apply this to it. They even had to disable the deeper sleep option in the current BIOS update. Time to reenable it! :)

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