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Primary screen resolution changed if secondary screen enabled system restart

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I'm having the strangest problem. If I restart my machine without a secondary monitor plugged in, everything works as normal - it stays at 1920x1200 like it should.

However, if I have a secondary monitor plugged into either the analog or digitial output, the system changes its settings to 1280x1024 clone mode. This occurs regardless of what the settings I was using before restart.

Is this a known issue?

OS: Windows xp 32 bit

Notebook: Xps generation 2

Video card: Geforce go 6800 ultra

Display 1: 1920x1200 notebook built-in display

Display 2: 1280x1024 analog or digital secondary display

Drivers: 84.56

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Yes it's a feature which can be set in the INF:


_just guessing_ :)

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Sorry, I should have been clearer. The primary display on the laptop correctly stays as the primary; it just jumps down to 1280x1024 (the resolution of the second monitor). Opening nview properties confirms it has the right primary and secondary, but its in dualview mode for some reason.

Running this command line just after startup fixes it, so I guess I can put that in a batch file:

rundll32.exe nvcpl.dll,dtcfg setview 1 dualview da aa

Is there an alternative to doing this on every restart?

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