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Strange Heat Problems? NVidia GO 6800 FX


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Recently I have been having strange behavior with my video card as of late. I use my machine primarily for gaming and had this monster for many months now. However recently something very odd happens randomly when I play my 3D based games:

The games run fine yet randomly, the game will pause for half a second and the sound will glitch for that moment then the FPS gets all slow. The game continues to run normally yet at a significantly lower FPS. After about a minute or so, the same split second pause and sound glitch will kick in and then my FPS will return to normal. Wierd.

This happens to almost all my 3D based games and happens rather randomly. Sometimes it doesnt happen, other times it happens every few minutes. My best guess is that it is a heat issue with my video card. The laptop always runs pretty hot but I never had a heat problem until recently, perhaps because its getting closer to summer?

That said, I did some research and if I am not mistaken, it is the Video card's temperature threshold kicking in to cool itself off... at least thats what I think it is. However, in my video card settings, there is NO temperature setting to adjust. The temperature option just isnt there and I checked in hidden menu items to no avail. I have a 6800 card and to my knowledge, all 6800 series cards have a temp probe on them however I can not access it through the settings.

3 Questions:

1) Is this odd slowdown of FPS behavior related to heat and the temp threshold?

2) If so, how can I access the temperature settings if its not on by default.. bios?? Any how-to's?

3) My Alienware laptop is a pretty big monster as its a mobile desktop, can anyone reccomend any cooling-docking stationgs that are big enough for it so I can cool it down?

Any advice or expertise would be appreciated!

Thank you sincerely.

EDIT: Btw I updated to the latest drivers that were reccomended on these boards for my card: 83.90

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Do you have your GFX card overclocked at all? I had the exact same problem except the whole sstem would lock up and I would have to restart. Only happened with RTS games. So I would go with factory defaults and then have no problems at all.



P.S. Check this out, since you have no temperature read out: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....&hl=get+thermal

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