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GeForce 4 420 Go 32MB (NV17 DEV_ID0175) (Toshiba)


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As described in the title, I have a big problem :

My laptop (Toshiba Satellite 2450-S203) has this graphic chiset onboard (NVidia GeForce4 420 Go 32MB, NV17 DEV_ID 0175, bios ver :

Since yesterday, this stupid service VgaSave is loading instead of my laptopvideo2go drivers (i used to have 77.77 installed).

I can see the card in the device manager, but not in my display properties, the nvidia display driver service is not loading.

So i removed the drivers, rebooted in safe mode, had driver cleaner to remove the crap, rebooted once again in normal mode and reinstalled toshiba's 46.34 original drivers.

Everything works fine with this drivers.

Everytime I try to install other drivers, it works only at the first reboot (just after the install), but don't work after another reboot... and sometimes it doesn't work at all (even with 77.77, which I had installed before the problem)...

I really don't know what to do, I've found a thread in this forum with a similar problem, but no luck, it didn't work, i hadn't phantom devices...

I really enjoy laptopvideo2go drivers, used to have them since at least 2 years, never had problem with them (except with 80.XX series, BSOD when windows is loading ^^), and I really want to use them again, I don't want to be stuck with old drivers (46.34 !!!)

Please help me !!! :)

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