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tweakin quadro to geforce in latitude 820


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hi guys,

just like many of us , i'm in the same delima over latitude 820 on its graphics card option.

The machine just has it all at the rite pricetag, TPM,road ready,7200rpm HDD,3 years warranty,express card slot , basically everything except for the graphics.

Going thru the forum and some amount of googling i got to know that the nvs 120M and ge force go 7400 are ientical product with the same id , the difference, being in the bios and drivers it self.

Can anyone there pls guide me to where i can download the geforce bios ??

And is there any particular thing i must be aware of ??

Guys, last but not least....any success stories out there ???

Pls do reply....any thought is much appreciated.

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DON'T do it, it will very likely make your Laptop unusable.

I doubt the BIOS's are interchangable as they have different DEV_ID's

The 120M performs about the same as the go7400 as they are based on the same technology.

Not sure what this Business acceleration entails that the 110M and 120M have.

But the 3D acceleration is the same as the go7400.

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You could try rivatuner, you could force an other pci_id. But I dont think it help a lot with the performance. I tried it with my laptop (6800go) and the name changes to quadro 1400 but the performance was the same.

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Why would you want to flash from Quadro to GeForce like that?

All you will probably do is break your card.

The Quadro should still runs games, benchmarks, ect just fine.

In some of these Dell laptops the fastest card is the Quadro.

FEAR runs just fine on my Quadro4 700 GoGL.

Most people usually want to go the other way around, because they wanted better performance in CAD applications.

Really if you are thinking of breaking your laptop like that send it me please, I'll take good care of it. :)

Go try some game demos on it, should run just fine.

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