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Need some assistance - log attached


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I am having trouble with what I believe to be a driver related OpenGL problem with my setup. I am using primarily AutoCAD and Lightwave 3D 8.5 with FPrime, no gaming. The problem is the Layout program in Lightwave keeps crashing esp. if FPrime is running. I know this is an outdated laptop and especially video card but I would really like to be able to assemble my Lightwave projects on this machine and then transfer them over to a fast renderbox machine I have at the office.

The laptop is a HP ZD7000 with the following

2.6Ghz P4

Nvidia GeForce4 448 Go 64MB


I've tried various drivers including the latest HP which are old, 61.77, 77.77, 78.01, 87.08 etc with no success.

Stability is more important than performance as I don't do any gaming. Maybe I am just asking too much of this card. It works great for AutoCAD on the 61.77 driver (with the hibernate/standby fix). Some driver versions have problems leaving artifacts on screen in AutoCAD shaded mode but 61.77 generally works very good. I have also tried the demo of Modo 103 and it is not too stable. The laptop has been great except for this issue and otherwise the specs do me just fine.

I have attached a log file if it helps. I've played around with some of the driver settings but don't really know if they will affect this or not.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thnaks, Jeff


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