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GeForce tab under Display Properties disappeared!

Guest Joao

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Guest Joao

Hi everyone,

I'm using a Dell Latitude C840 running under XP Professional SP2. On device manager it says my display adapter is a Dell C840 and the driver version I have installed is 42.58 from 10.02.2003. I think the graphic card installed is a NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64 MB. I have the latest System BIOS A13 and I think the Video BIOS version is Some time ago, without apparently doing anything special, the GeForce tab that usually appears under Display Properties, Settings, Advanced, disappeared, and I haven't been abble to get it back. This happened after some MS security updates were installed (automatically), and this may have been the cause of the problem. I have uninstalled the driver and installed it again but the problem wasn't solved. I guess I have quite old drivers installed but these are the ones recommended by Dell, and that's why I have them. Has anyone seen this as well? Should I update the drivers for the graphic card in order to solve the above described problem, and if so which ones should I use? I think rolling back the system to a date previous to the MS updates and avoiding these to complete again is not a proper solution...

Thanks in advance,


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Guest B. Paul B.

I have also experienced this problem right after applying the lastest patches for Windows 2000. Also updated to Symantec Antivirus 10.1 401

Help or idea sure would be nice. Dell support sucks. 2.5 hours wasted.

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Try 67.66 or 72.14 and read the 2 official guides linked in my signature.

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