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i would like a lap top using mxmIII it needs a mobile cpu(ie. turon or pent m) i looked at the 1559-jl barbook but cant find anyware that stocks it (i think it is only mxmI) but the hole thing is very confusing! please can some one make some recommendations for laptops and if there are any bare bone mxm3 kits about?


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Gateway uses MxM-III cards in their lappies, and theit NX860 (I think it's called that) uses the Duo.

Ice-tea also has some go7800's and maybe some go7600 MxM-III boards that he got of ebay :)

I have had a gateway for 5 years now and it has amazed me on the build quality, as it just keeps on going.

It's been to hell and back a few times as it does all the website/inf/driver work with out complaint.

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soryy i am in the uk and gateway dont ship to us! what about dell?

some of dells laptops come in several greaphic flavors but the bottom spec is intel gma could they still be mxm?

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Dell don't use MxM cards, they have their own proprietry ones, like ASUS and Clevo.

Gateway are in the UK, they have a website http://uk.gateway.com/ you can get them from Staples.

Although the selection on the UK site are really old

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