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Hey guys, I have an Inspiron 9300 1.6Ghz Centrino 1gb 533mhz 6800go. Here is my scenerio and my quick question:

Is there a way to make nvidia released drivers tone down speed during windows? I know they run full power over OEM drivers that slow down when you aren't playing a game. The reason being is:

-Dell OEM 78.51 are the drivers that were stable, played counterstrike well, but not oblivion

-Nvidia 84.25 were AWESOME but made my laptop hot, but with the fan on 24/7, its fine. oblivion is awesome as well

-Dell OEM 84.30 work great, just that there are bugs, like when I close my lid, it resorts all my icons into a 640x480 screen, REALLY inconvenient and no one knows the answer to this. I am thinking about going back to 84.25 (or whatever is newer from Nvidia). Screen also flickers sometimes, I'm gonna change to something else soon.

so you see, im gearing towards some nvidia drivers that dont blow my comp away while im not using it, but i need the extra kick while im gaming. I appreciate any answers, thanks guys.

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I went thru the same drivers with the same PC... I have no issues with Dell 84.30. Do you use an external display? Because I closed my lid gazillion times with all my drivers and never got an issue. But I rarely use an external display.

You want to give I8kfanGUI a try. It allows to control the Inspiron fans.

What I didn't like about the 84.25 is that I lost the PowerMizer features.

What you want is an tray app that allows you to switch both PowerMizer state, fans and core/memory clocks.

Mode 1: Power saving mode

- PowerMizer at max saving

- GPU fan off

- Clocks at default

Mode 2: Default mode

- PowerMizer at Max performance/Balanced for Main/Battery

- GPU fan in automatic mode

- Clocks at default

Mode 3: 3D monster mode

- PowerMizer at Max performance/Max performance

- GPU fan in automatic mode

- Clocks boosted

ps: my Geforce 6800 Go can easily be overclocked at 375/760 (it's not the max) up from 290/590. It does magic with Oblivion... you get a LOT more fps

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very cool, installing it right now and configuring it. thanks bro

oh and no, I do not use an external display. this screen is too great to leave off.

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oh and no, I do not use an external display. this screen is too great to leave off.

You can use an external display as a secundary monitor... watching p*** on the external display and doing something more usefull on the laptop screen.

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