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GF4 440 Go -- Lost Vertex Shader Support


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Laptop : Compaq R3000z (which oddly differs from what NERD says it is...)

Video Card : GF4 440 Go

Graphics Driver : Multiple in the 80.x and 70.x series

Last Usable Driver : Unknown (no earlier then March 2005)

OS : Win XP Pro

Hello all, I was using the drivers which came with my laptop for my GF4 440 Go, which would place them at ~2 years old. I finally decided to upgrade because the only game on the laptop I care about (World of Warcraft) was running unacceptably slow in certain new areas.

Well, instead of a performance boost I'm now running at 1/2 the fps I used to. The one blatently noticeable difference is that before under "video settings" in the game there was a checkbox to enable hardware vertex shading. This option is now disabled.

I have no idea what version I upgraded from, but I've tried many drivers in the 80 and 70 series and none of them restore this option and all carry the same huge FPS hit (which I assume is related). Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?


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Hrmm, to start answeing my own questions, I found two other threads about similar problems.



Ok, after reading that first thread and some googling it's obvious that nVidia decided to completly disable it's "software-assisted" hardware vertex shader at some point because it was buggy as hell.

So I guess the question is, does this still exist in the drivers and can be forced on -- and if not what the last version of the drivers that still used the software-assisted vertex shader was (i.e. last version to return version 1.1 supported instead of 0.0)?

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