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Sony Vaio S\F Series - MXM Card Inside?


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I currently have a SONY VAIO S SERIES (VGN-S94PS) this model has a option of having installed a Intel Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 or a Geforce 6400go with Turbo Cache (Mine has the Nvidia Card installed)

I looked through these forums and haven`t noticed yet anyone with a Sony Laptop with a MXM card mentioned one or had success upgrading one.

I found on the web information that points that the S/F series is using MXM cards


"nVidia announced its discrete GeForce Go 6200 graphics solution which supports the 915 Express chipset and incorporates the nVidia MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) technology. With MXM, graphics come in the form of a detachable module, allowing vendors to configure notebooks quickly with faster and better graphics as they become available. The GPU will be available in the Sony VAIO FS and S Series notebooks."

Also i looked for registry entries with "MXMThermal" and did locate one which could possibly indicate the card is MXM as well but i am uneasy about opening the S series laptop after hearing how delicate the insides are especially since even expert notebook users has had many a horror story.

This thread shows the S series dissasemmbled but notes the GPU has the heatsink `soldered`on.



Another pic of the top but still hard to see if its mxm http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/2004/0616/ubiq393.jpg

Cany anyone with a Sony brand laptop verify if it has MXM?, or if even using a upgraded mxm card will even work with the bios differences on a sony laptop?

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Hi there,

They said the GPU will be available in the Vaio, they didn't say MXM is in there. This is basically nVidia mentioning something they want to push in the same sentence as a cool product, to make sure it catches attention :)

As you can see on the pictures from the threads you provided (and which I checked some time ago), the GPU is indeed soldered on the MoBo. No sign of a module, connector...

Seems you're out of luck :)


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oh well, guess i should start looking at the SONY VAIO SZ series :|

Bit more searching around and found what indicates older versions of the S series that have a ati radeon card are being sold with a upgraded faster spec ATI GPU spec but looks like you have to totally disassemble the sony vaio and desolder the heatsink, hmm not a good idea :)

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