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Looking to upgrade RAM, no idea what to look out for..

Guest filosofem

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Guest filosofem

Hello, I am looking to upgrade the memory on my Inspiron 9300 from 1gb up to 2gb. I'd like to consider myself knowledgeable about computers and hardware etc, but on this I have no idea it just escapes me :)

I am looking to buy two sticks of 667 ram (if that's possible?) and I do not know what I need to look for in relation to my motherboard or what will work with my computer. I've heard some horror stories about people buying memory and it working absymal or not at all, and I would like to avoid that. Some people say the ram has to be very specific to work correctly, others say you just need to make sure of one or two things. In conclusion, I have no idea.

I would like to buy from newegg.com, but any other site is preferable. Please assist! :)

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You can also buy the same crucial RAM on newegg for far less. :) :)

Edit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145048

That is the faster (PC5300) crucial 1 GB stick ram for your laptop, 2 of those will get you 2 GB

Here is the slower speed RAM.


And here is a crucial 2 GB pack. (seems to be more expensive than 2 sticks put together though)


If you buy 2 of the faster variety from newegg you will save $80 from the pack on crucial's site.

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