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Driver jungel, help a noob please.

Angry Swedish noobie

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At a point now where i am looking for a place on the roof to tie the noose too...

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS295VP with a Nvidia GeForce Go 6200 with TurboCache supporting 128 MB.

I run XP Pro with at least the second service pack done, 1024 mb internal memory.

I keep getting this warning:


When I try to update the drivers I get this:


I do not understand all being said here, but i do understand to dowload a driver 70 up and then to substitute the inf file like a crack. But which one? I have tried the search function but to no avail. :)

If someone has the same Vaio or same graphics card then PLEAAAAASE help me out. HL2 Lost Coast and Ep.One is waiting taunting me with these two messeges.

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Excellent, you have the right idea. Asking for comparable laptops is a good idea but you might hear little to no response from some. Therefore I suggest just grabbing a driver in the 80 series section ( http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showforum=61 ) of the forum and testing it out. The download for the driver and INF are located at the top of each post. A simple way to determine popularity of a driver is replies/page views for that driver. 84.21 is NV's last officially released driver at this date, therefore that might be a good starting point.

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First of all... have you tried to find the latest drivers Sony offers for your laptop? If they propose something in the late 70s or 84 range get those...

Sony VAIO support page

If they don't aim for the driver 84.25 + modded INF which is the fall back/rock solid/base camp of 2006 drivers.

ps: I have no idea if Sony supports closely their drivers.

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Thanks I have now managed to download 84.21 with the modded inf. BUT I found it to make the game really "hackey" or not smooth at all. Like going back to 512 MB memory with too many goodies selected on the game. How do I use the "enhanced" inf file? Substitute the modded or? How do I tweek this to my needs is there a window bases user interface to be found or is all in text? This site is really helpful once the words and abbreviations are "uncoded", noobes like myself almost need the enigma machine for this! :) :)

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Can you benchmark the 2 drivers using Half Life 2 internal benchmark?

Since you have a turbo cache based card you might want to look for people with the same hardware.

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This thread is similar to my own experience, so I'll describe m own experience with display drivers for the Nvidia GeForce Go 7900GS card on my new Toshiba P100 J01 ( Model PSPA6A-01J017 ).

Ot of the box, I installed Half Life 2 incl Lost Coast. It ran Lost Coast video stress test beautifully with all antialiasing and anisotropic options cranked up to max. Nearly 70fps. Then I downloaded the new Episode 1 and the Steam client informed I didn't have the latest display drivers as above. Sure enough, the machine came with a driver dated in March this year (pretty sure it was version

Downloaded version 84.21 (dated April) from the Nvidia website www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_84.21.html but it failed to install. This is when the frustration started. Much of it was relieved when I stumbled upon this website.. thanks!

I downloaded and modded Forceware 84.21 from here. It all went fine and my driver version was listed as 84.21 - joy. But no, Half Life 2 kinda ran intermittently slow, and Lost Coast and Episode One caused the machine to hang on the startup screen for the game.

Next I wandered aimlessly around the US Toshiba site. My Australian Toshiba model does not exist in the US but I think the Satellite P105-S921 must be pretty similar www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-...fkceghdgngdgmm.0

There's a bunch of Toshiba drivers here for all kinds of things, quite a few versions of which are newer than the ones shipped in my machine two weeks ago. In particular, version of the nVidia display adapter for XP was there www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-...dgngdgmm.0&ct=DL

I think/hoped this was the original version my machine came with. I had long ago started yearning to put my machine back the way it frickin' came out of the box.

Installed the Toshiba version of Nvidia version ... Half Life 2 is back to running beautifully, but Lost Coast and Episode 1 still do not load at all. Unless someone here has a better idea for me, I think I should settle for this option until such time as Toshiba bring out a supported version that is newer than

Overall, this is really a scam. Why sell 'gaming notebooks' when you won't even supply up-to-the-minute drivers for GeForce Go cards? The machine is otherwise fantastic.

I would like any advice that anyone might care to give. My exact question is... if I install a modded version 91.31 on my machine, am I likely to have the same experience I had with a modded 84.21? ie Half Life 2 runs extremely poorly. It really sounds like I have been having a similar experience to my Swedish friend here.


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A couple of points...

The drivers you find on nvidia website are for desktop GPU... hence the modded INF files to make them work on Go GPU.

Among the big OEM... I believe tha Toshiba has one of the worse driver support you can imagine. You are lucky to have a 84.x available... if they didn't provide such driver they wouldn't be able to sell 7900 GS laptops.

From my point of view... you have little to lose from installing the 91.x driver.

Go tiger... install the driver.

ps: I can't belive that Valve is forcing users to upgrade their graphic driver.

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Thank you for taking the time to send me a helpful reply.

I had sort of lost the will to keep fiddling with this problem and then all of sudden my computer started running Lost Coast and Episode 1 very nicely on version that I had reinstalled. I changed nothing since the time that it would not run these games with this driver version.

Then a few hours later when I relaunched the game, it has stopped working again. Any clues?

I've still got the modded 91.31 option up my sleeve. Might give it a go.

Thanks again

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