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sony vgn-fs790 with 6400 go questions


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yes ive had this sony vgn-fs790 bought new 6 months ago,well the other day i was foolin arount with rivatuner and i checked a box stating unlock professional capabilities.within seconds the laptop rebooted and upon reboot i saw it showing up now as a geforce go 6500?before it was a 6400 go in which i had also never heard of before. never heard of an 6500 card at all but now no matter what i do it reads 6500 plus i get alot more memory badwidth also easily clocking it to 750 memory and 450 clock...so im really wondering if anyone has ever heard of this phenomena plus i know for a fact this is a mxm 1 chip inside..please feedback would be nice and thanx. p.s. do i have a chance at frying it?my temps are very low at bout 63 load wich isnt too much for a laptop and o crases at all plus im usung 9139 drivers but the wierd thing is that its staying at an 6500 go even after uninstalling video drivers... chronic....

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Pls. post the NERD logfile and we can tell what's goin on. Also try using RETURN and SPACE.

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Also try using RETURN and SPACE.

There are a lot of people with issues with their keyboards... SHIFT and RETURN most of the time.

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