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GeForce 525.14 Windows Insider


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Download via Windows update in dev channel on a desktop rig (for whatever reason Microsoft removed mobile INF's from CAB's a while ago)

To create a backup go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\
There must be a file with recent date stamp and some 100 MB file size, the name consists of random hex numbers without .CAB extension

Driver branch: bugfix_main-17649
Vulkan API 1.3.213
CUDA SDK 11.8.0
WDDM 3.1
HLSL 6.6

Under the hood changes:

// The following is a special use case for sharing memory between
// the GPU and a WSL client. There is no IOMMU-compliant support
// currently for this, so a WAR is required for r515. The intent
// is to remove this by r525.

Source: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules/main/src/nvidia/generated/g_mem_desc_nvoc.h


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Working 24/7 since release with CUDA + video engine and no problems at all.

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