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The NERD has been updated again. Watchful Forum users may have already perceived the last release 5 days ago :)

You can download the new v1.080 in the NERD thread.

Important new enhancements i have included in the NERD script:

  1. Teraphy sophisticated his programming skills and bestows us with an
    LV2GO MXM CHECKER and EDID tool. The MXM availability check is also used over @ Ice-Tea's
    information website as one of the currently known 3 methods to quickly determine if your Laptops uses an upgradeable MXM compatible Graphic Module without opening it.

  2. In some cases TOSHiBA Virtual Sound needs to be modified to run on (probably) all TOSHiBA Laptops. If you missed it: Ultima, alcahest, hazart, as well as moderators sn0wl & Larry - they were all involved in finding a solution how to fix that annoying behaviour. Now, with help of NERD, you can easily check on Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro and Windows Server 2003 which information TOSHiBA Virtual Sound is missing to properly function with your laptop's soundcard.

    Currently known and supported Laptop Soundcards:
    • AEAUDIO (Analog Devices AC'97)

    • AEAudioService (Andrea Audio)

    • ALLEGRO (ESS Allegro)

    • ES1969 (ESS ES1969)


    • MAESTRO (ESS Maestro)

    • STAC97 (Sigmatel STAC 9750 AC'97)

    • STHDA (SigmaTel HDA)

    • WDM_YAMAHAAC97 (Yamaha AC'97)

More info about the already modded TVS can be found

Here's the complete changelog from NERD v1.071 to v1.080:

  • Teraphy updated MXM Checker (v1.11 / 2006-JUN-11)
  • Teraphy updated EDID Retrieval now featuring ViewSonic layout (v1.10 / 2006-JUN-11)
  • updated pcidevs.txt
  • minor NERD layout changes
  • added output of Audio Service Information for modded TOSHiBA Virtual Sound (TVS.ini)
  • enhanced general reg query compatibility for weird Registry values (including "&", "whitespaces" etc.)
  • removed WMI PowerManagement Readout as it causes an XML error during commandline processing
  • removed Hardware Database Rescan (XP is hiding Intel's SMBUS Controller driver for reason; but it's going to be installed during the scan causing problems with SpeedFan)
  • some comments, head and text changes

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Good service guys - but why don't you just use winzip to distribute your drivers - I could not get nerd to work and now I can't access any of the cool stuff on your site!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Its basicaly just 7z zip self extracting exe, what is so hard about using it?

Just run the exe, hit ok, it will extract to a folder, then just open the folder and run the NERD batch or whatever.

7z zip has much better compression than well, anything else, that is why we like to use it here.

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I think the guest is mixing it up.

Drivers are 7zipped, which results in the action Bill described: RightClick and extract it.

NERD is just ZIPPED, but same action: Rightclick, extract it.

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