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6600 go overclocking and temperature


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I have had this laptop for over a year now and just found out about this site the other day. Prior to any gpu updates I was scoring 5000 in 3dmark 03. I installed forceware 84.21 and have an increase of around 500 in 3dmark 03. However I could not get to the overclocking tab in the nvidia menu. I installed rivatuner and detected that my 6600 go was running at 300/600 so I overclocked it to 320/650 and now score 6400's in 3dmark 03 which I am very happy with for this laptop.

However I noticed that my idle temp reported by riva tuner is 58c-65c and when gaming and benchmarking it can go as high as 85c. Is this too hot for a laptop gpu? I know that this would be considered too high for a desktop gpu and would shorten the life of the card and that is not what I want to do. Also could I ask for heat information on other gpu's as a comparison. I have heard that the newer the gpu the higher temperatures it can operate safely at.

Toshiba Tecra A4

M 740 1,73 GHz

1gb ddr

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I don't know the Tecra... but something can make the temperature rise pretty high... it's when the manufacturer shares the cooling system between the CPU and the GPU. Those laptops usually have a unique fan...

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I am pretty sure that the Tecra A4 is as you said and it only has the one fan on the bottom that has copper piping going to the CPU and GPU and back through the same exaust port.

On start up I get temp's of around 40c and it goes up to 60c in about 15 minutes and If i leave the computer to idle long enough it does not activate the fan and idle temp goes up to 71c. Is this too hot or am i worried about nothing. My computer produces no artifacts nor slow downs even when i overclocked it a little bit, as was getting temps of 95c for about 15 mins of benchmarking.

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71°C idle and the fan doesn't kick in. This is BAD BAD BAD... You might want to look for a BIOS update for your laptop that might change this behaviour.

This is as far as my science allows me to help you.

You might want to write a post named "Toshiba Tecra A4 overheating" in the Support in every respect forum. You will have more Toshiba users than in the Overclocking section...

Be sure to repeat what you know and your results. (a unique fan, idle temp raising to 71°C,...)

ps: not to ###### you off, my idle temps are in the 47°C (room temp is 28°C) and my GPU never went past 65°C because the fan high speed kicks in at 65°C then falls back below 60°C while gaming.

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