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P4-M 2.6 and heat


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I just upgraded my Precision M50 with an SL6WZ P4-M 2.6GHz. I have questions about the heatpipe installation and temperatures in general:

- is it possible for the heatpipe to be lose a bit? I can move mine around quite easily, and I fear that is bad for heat transfer

- if it's bad, what can I do against it? Can I add some material between the heatpipe and the aluminium holding it down?

- what should be the normal temps for a processor in the range 2.0-2.6 GHz?

I get 82 celcius max with BurnP6 running, then it goes back to 74 after a while. However, idling and surfing (using Dynamic switching), it never goes below 53. I remember that when I first got the notebook a few years ago, it frequently went down to 49 and then the fan stayed off for a while. Now the fan is continuously running.

I applied AS5 after cleaning both the CPU and the heatpipe (I removed the original aluminiun foam) with alcohol. But I did this only today, maybe the AS5 needs to burn in a bit. Still, I was hoping for more improvement from the AS5.

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