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Glitch with Quadro FX 350M, dual-head, rotated external display

Guest Jan

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I have a Dell M65 (2GB, T2600, XP) with the Quadro FX 350M and an external Dell 2007FP 21" monitor at 1600x1200 on DVI.

The external monitor is rotated 90 deg and my XP desktop is extended over both (laptop+external) displays.

The problem is now with the external screen: Whenever I have a longer page e.g. in a browser (tested Firefox and IE) and scroll with the mouse or keyboard, I have a diagonal flickering effect over the whole screen while scrolling. It looks like different parts of the image get updated at slightly different times and this makes it really hard to browse long documents/pages.

This does not seem to appear with 0 degree rotation (or on the laptop display). I am very sure that my old D810/ATI X600 didn't exhibit this in the exact same setup, same monitor.

I already tried different driver versions for the FX 350 (91.31, 84.69, 87.25), none helped.

Another (maybe related) problem: I have to disable some of the hardware acceleration to make some strange effects disappear (mostly menu behaviour).

Any ideas/experience with this?

many thanks,


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Guest Guest

I noticed a similar effect when I rotated my Samsung 204B. I think it has something to do with the fact that these monitors do not update as fast vertically as they do horizontally. So when you rotate it 90 deg you are swapping the vertical and horizontal refresh rates.

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