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Network Card for Gamers


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Sounds and looks interesting from the specs. Best built in a LookThrough Glass Desktop case.

Haven't searched, but what's the price?

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Sounds and looks interesting from the specs.

Personally, I think it's a bad idea and is essentially ping cheating with a a nice 64MB buffer so that the game you play is semi 'hosted' on the nic itself. It's gonna lead to nightmares for gaming server operators online as the packet prioritization and faux ping will make it nigh on impossible to really work out who's lagging out who.

Oh and the offloading stuff is included in most modern network cards and on-motherboard-LAN interfaces. Network Processing Offload has been a builtin part of Wndows since 2000 SP4, so I really fail to see the value in this technology. They're making you pay for stuff that comes free and anyone who uses one is bound to get a bad rep online.

God save us from the marketing beasts.

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