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help with my inspiron 8100


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hi i have a dell insiron 8100 with a geforce2 go. i have tried dling your 91.33 drivers but as it starts to install it give me an error that says "can't find any drivers that are compatable with your hardware"

am i doing somthing wrong? :) :)

also, is there a way to over clock my laptop or videocard?

Hi i have been reading around and i need some help. I have a 8100 with a geforce2 go with 44.85 drivers. I would like to crank up the performance but im having trubble with the drivers. Is there a step by step page to install the modifed drivers?

can i upgrade my video card in anyway? can i remove my video card from my laptop and add a better one?

how do i go about overclocking it?

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First only one topic is needed here, second read these on how to update the drivers.


install guide


As for OCing your card, installing a driver with Pieter's mod INF should give you the OC page so you can crank it up, you will have to figure out what the best OC is by slowly turning it up and testing, and its your fault if you break it doing that.

As for card upgrades, you can get the GeForce 440 go 64MB, the Radeon 9000 64MB, and the elusive Quadro4 700 GoGL cards.


Here is a step by step guide, I upgraded the card in mine (similar process) and it was pretty easy.


You can find the cards on Ebay, just make sure they are from or for a 8100 or 8200/C840.

That site also lists the part numbers, can call up Dell or search for the part numbers on ebay/google.

If you want to get the Quadro4 700 GoGL from Dell you will need to call their business line to do so.

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