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dell inspiron 8600 w/geforce fx go5200


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hey guys,

was wondering if you guys could help me, ive searched the forums and couldnt find a real definate answer to my needs. i want to know whats the best driver for my geforce card. right now i have the original drivers which says something of the lines of 4.x.x.x. ive notice that there are many drivers out there and realize that there wont be a definate "this will be the best driver for you" answer. i just want one that will suit me. i do play games on it so thats my main purpose of coming on this forum. the current games i play are americas army, cs-source, hl2 deathmatch, warcraftIII, call of duty and starcraft. i hope you guys can help me.

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Can you post a picture of your keyboard? It seems that you are lacking both the RETURN and SHIFT keys.

You can follow the Optimal driver FAQ , which says that the optimal driver for the FX family is the 67.66. If you get complains from Counter Strike Source you might have to jump to the 77.77 or 77.79. Or straight to something in the 84.25+ zone.

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