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Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 Mobile: Merom at long last!


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Here is the long awaited Merom CPU, should be out next month.

Intel has been keeping us very busy here on PC Perspective these days and for good reason - the company is producing some of the most anticipated CPUs in recent memory. Finally, after all the buzz and coverage that started at IDF this past Spring we have actual Core 2 Duo CPUs to test. Last week Ryan showed (and even before that) the world that the latest desktop Core 2 Duo CPUs (aka. Conroe) from Intel can take anything AMD can muster and firmly grinds them into a fine powder in performance, power consumption, and price.

Not to be forgotten are the mobile counterparts to these new CPUs -- known to the world as Merom. This new mobile CPU is the successor to the wildly successful Yonah Core Duo CPUs and comes with many new improvements including EM64T (Intel x86-64 extensions) for 64-bit processing.

Let's first take a quick walk through the technology and history of the Conroe and Intel's new Core Architecture again for those of you unfamiliar with the technology.

For the full review with benchmarks look here

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Keep in mind that the first version of the Merom is crippled FSB wise.... 666MHz instead of 800MHz or 1066MHz. Hence the little to no impact on real-life performance on games.

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