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Audigy 2ZS Creative Soundblaster card


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Hey everybody

im looking into transferring some cassette audio tapes i have to my pc than to mp3...

i have the latest HD audio driver installed at the moment..(R142 i believe)

i have this card Audigy 2ZS Creative Soundblaster but i dont use it..(ive had it for a year now and never used the thing.but recently somebody told me i could transfer my tapes with it and i have some stuff of interest id like to preserve on cd)

i also have some cable that came with it for the "speaker docking"..


im asuming i need a cable for the line in/out to radio right?

also what app is needed in the driver package/software suite to do this????

now the main question.....

do i uninstall my HD audio driver and install this driver instead?? or do i install this audigy driver package over the hd driver???


thanx for your time all


heres the drivers and appz d/l section fro this card


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First, please just copy the links and let the forum squeez them in next time, was making the page too wide.

Anyway yes you will need a cable, on the first page you linked it showed the front of the card, and it appears to have 2x1.8 inch headphone jack type connectors, and according to that page one was for headphones, the other for line-in/mic in ect.

If those are just 1.8 connectors like a typical headphone jack, just go down to readioshack and buy a cable with the connector on each end, then plug the other end into the tape player's line-in or whatever, if the tape player has a different connector you will need a different cable or an adpater.

Next you will need to config your jack on the card to be a line input.

You should install the first link on that driver page, the one that says driver.

Through the configeration panel somewhere you can set it to be line in.

Next just get some sound recording software and the lame mp3 codec and start recording.


There is link to lame, unless you like testing beta codecs get the 3.96 final release.

While there are many programs you can record with, here is a good free opensource program.


You will need to tell the program to record from line input, then tell it where your lamemp3 is installed, then just start recording and export to mp3 from the file menu.

Can also trim and what not.

I have never used any Audigy card (yet) so I can't say how to configer it, that is what they make manuals for.

Also your laptop probably does have a line input or should, would be simpler to use, but the Audigy 2 ZS should have much better quality, but then you are recording from tapes...

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thanx 4 the reply mate..

but still this question...

do i install this audigy driver OVER the HD realtek driver or uninstall the HD driver and install this audigy one??


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