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I was woundering if you guys could help me find out or point me in the right direction. I have a Inspron 8100 with and 866mz cpu and a geforce 2 go.

How can i upgrade it? What cpu and vid card could i get?

how fast of a cpu can i get?

It has 512mb of pc100 (i think) bill siad i might be able to get 1gb on it.

should i get a 72k rpm hdd for it? it still has the 32K (?) OE one.

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The maximum RAM for the 8100 is 512MB. The m/b chipset won't support more.

The fastest CPU is UFCPGA P3 1.2GHz.

You could certainly put a 7200rpm HD in. As the 8100 is now at least 4 years old, the HD is nearing the end of its design life anyway, so if you're going to keep the 8100, a new HD would be a good idea.

Have a look at Bay Wolf for video upgrades for the 8100. Some people have reported problems getting the Quaddro card to work in the 8100. The GeForce4 440 Go works fine -- that's what I've got in mine (but be wary of updating the BIOS on it -- many reports of bad flashes).

Hope this helps -- just be aware that by the time you've upgraded everything, you may well have spent nearly as much as the cost of a brand new notebook.

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