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Compal HEL80, MxM ?


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IceT, your knowledge on this laptop with a 256MB go7600.

Hope to buy one soon.

The HEL81 is i945GM based (build in Grahics) so HEL80 may come with a MxM card.

Would be nice to upgrade sometime down the track to a go8900 GTRX :)

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I know it's modular, I know the Hel 30/31 has MXM in the *.inf so it would make sense. Unfortuantely, I haven't seen any pics or even the driver of the 80.

Trying to lay my hands on it now... I'll get back to you :)

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Cheers Icetea :)

Any chance of the INF thar you got ?

wouldn't ind having a look myself what I'm up against

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This of any use to you http://www.solarpc.com/cbbmatrix.pdf ?

According to this HEL80 is not MxM or Maxiom

Check this out.

It would indeed seem like it's not MXM after all. Maybe they just pickced up a generic *.inf or something,maybe they even picked it up from lv2g :)

Downloaded from this location, but the link seems to be down.


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