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GO 5700 BLUE SCREEN on 81.85


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Hey everyone.

Just registered today. Looked through a lot of the posts with my video card and still cant come up with a solution. I am so tired of this problem!

I have an HP ZD7260US with a GEFORCE FX GO5700 64MB currently running nv4_disp V.

My only reason for an upgrade in driver is to get back on Everquest I. I've played it with this notebook before, not knowing what the heck I did driver-wise previously to get it going, but I recently reformatted and am required by the game to upgrade my driver for my video card.

The message I am getting from the game is the following:

You currently have a NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5700 ( video card installed. We recommend you download version 8185 drivers before playing EverQuest. You can pick up there drivers at http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp.

That last statement as everyone well-knows, is poopoo because most GO series cards are not supported by NVIDIA and only by the manufacturer when it comes to drivers. Going to HP only gets me the same driver I currently have and nothing upgraded.

I have tried several driver installs, including 81.85 and up, dropping in the edited nv4_disp.dll file. (After finally figuring out that much. After finally thinking I was able to install the most recent driver, I only got the BLUE SCREEN and dump of physical memory upon startup.



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Why would you be replacing a .dll?

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