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Auto-Switching External and Internal Resolutions


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I own the forementioned laptop. It has an internal display resolution of 1920*1200 pixels.

I am planning to buy an external display, for gaming purposes, because, let's face it, to fully enjoy bloodspatters and tire-screeching, 17 inch widescreen just doesn't cut it.

I am faced with the difficult task of choosing between 2 displays, the Acer AL2051WS and the AL2423WS.

The first is a 20" widescreen with 1680*1050 resolution, the second does 24" @ 1920*1200.

When I buy the second screen, I get a non-glare, very large, native resolution display. Meaning, when I change from my internal, to my external display, nothing will change, other then the screen size increasing by a large amount.

When I choose the 20" screen, I get the advantage of having a CrystalBrite (yes, that's how it's spelled with Acer) screen, with deeper vivid colours ( me like glare screens! ) and a slightly faster response time (8ms b2b instead of 16) BUT it's 4 inches smaller ( I don't know if 20 over 17 inch is such a big difference ) and the screen does not support my native resolution. Which bring me to the problem: How am I going to handle the resolution switching? Do I have to adjust my windows Screen res to 1680*1050 every time I connect my laptop to my display? Or is there some way of doing this automatically, when connection, through some piece of software?

So, the Big, slightly slow, matte, but True native screen, or the smaller, faster, truebright, but non-native screen? I'm a gaming enthousiast and really don't know what to do.

N.B.: My choice is sort of limited to Acer displays, because I am an Acer dealer, and this gives me fairly large discounts on screens this size.

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Same laptop here with a smaller GPU... but I would advise you to get the Samsung 244T, it's a HDCP chip, video inputs. The only downside is the location of the USB hub. So you might need to get a Samsung dealership licence. :)

Sorry to add more options to your problem.

Going from the Dell laptop 17" screen to the 20" is just a waste of your money.

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Yep, 17 to 20 is small.

Also you definitely can't pass the WUXGA resolution up, especially for full HD content.

If I saw you in person and you said you bought a 1680x1050 screen over a 1920x1200 WUXGA I would think to myself (or tell you upfront) that you are an idiot.

I also have a 17 inch WUXGA laptop around here (brother's) and going from it to 20inch isn't much (have 20 inch screen too)

But I have seen those 24 inch screens, definitely a big difference from laptop and its future proof for video content and SLI gaming.

The only thing that could possibly hold you back here is money, and if that is the case wait a bit till you can get a good Samsung 244T Panel based 24 inch screen. Hopefully one that has fully functioning HDCP support.

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Hmmm.. we have the 244T in stock, so that won't be a problem. Issue for me is the higher price, the AL2423WS will only cost me 670 euro's because I get a rebate. The 244T ís a nice screen, and, considering your advice, a better choice. However, the higher price + I don't get a rebate on this one, means I will pay 1040 euro's for the Samsung... which is a lot, almost 400 euro's more, just because of the glare finish.

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Dell usually has discounts on a screen with the same LCD panel. (2407 WFP)

Can possibly pickup one for less than 900 if you ask online for a discount.

You can search online for discount information, but you honestly don't need a rebate from what I hear. :)

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