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Toshiba 6100 & nVidia GF4 420 - install crashed


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Hi, guys,

It?s great site to help loptap people, I am newbie for laptop. I have a Toshiba Sat Pr6100, 1.6 CPU, nVidia GF4 420 Go, XP SP2. BIOS1.9 version.

The video card was not work stable so did search from Google and found driver here. But only fixed problem temporally and this time my laptop crashed.

Screen went to faint and got lots of black(colored) bar on screen, not only one on right or left. Tried diff drivers without luck, so made decision to reinstall everything. When I got ?TOSHIBA? image, lots of black vertical lines on screen. Even when copy XP file from CD to machine, the background image with colored bars.

Copy succeed , took out CD, then press Enter to install XP. But it stop on ??windows prepares to restart..?. Tried 6 times and reseat video card, no lucky.

I succeed reinstall before and but after a couple of minutes running, got blue screen with nv4_disp.dll failed. Not time to update new version from 2727.

My questions:

1. BIOS version was upgraded to 1.9, is this cause install problem?

2. I knew version is good from here, but how could I know the currently version, how to upgrade it?

3. Is this video card information cached somewhere?

4. during the installation XP, when computer recognisee video card. I want to burn 52.16 version with replaced INF to XP install CD. Is it possible fix my problem?

5. How could I know my video card is broken? Where I can buy from New Zealand?

What am I doing wrong? Please help! THANKS IN ADVANCE! And sorry for my English.

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Sounds like a hardware defect.

Open Laptop, clean out dust from everywhere, reseat all cables (inverter), clean & reapply CPU heatsink thermal paste, check memory with MemTest, reflash system BIOS.

Install XP without modifications (except include SP2). Create an Image of the installation. Try out updated Video driver using Enhancer page.

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Thanks @@@,

Is it possible test memory without install XP, like under dos before install XP? in BIOS page I found memory number is correct.

How to reflash system BIOS? is 1.9 ver a lastest version?

What's mean version? not BIOS?


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  • 1 month later...

hi, guys,

Anyone could help me? two months later....

I donot run any game on my laptop,just want the basice OS running.

What I can do? help!!!


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Heh i remember reinstalling XP on my 6100 that was a few weeks ago, i had a hell of a time uninstalling the base windows drivers that keep installing themselves. What i would suggest doing is getting driver cleaner and possibly getting rid of those old drivers i would also suggest getting the 77.77 nvidia install with the enhanced modified INF here as well that seem to do the trick when i reinstalled XP cause it kept using a microsoft supplied driver that only messed my resolution up. 1400x1050 FTW! *cough* sorry, but yeah if you know the native resolution you originally had on the laptop you just need to use the modified INF. :)

EDIT/NOTE: 1.9 is the latest bios for the laptop's system/mother board so that's really not the issue, when they talk about bios here on the forums mainly they're talking about the video card's bios yes video cards have bios' as well.

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Yes, the 6100 also suffers from the BlackBar. You definitely need the BlackBar fix here.

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What I did was:

Burn the new XP install CD with one version nVidia driver here with the enhanced modified INF as well (forgot which version). Start with orginal XP pre-install CD, then after got recognise I swap my new CD.

But I stlll got lots of black bar.

I got ONE time succeed to get image, but after a few seconds, got blue screen and error message flashed.


how to clean the old drivers, are they cached somewhere. because I think if i install pre-install XP, it's get everything new, not repaire.

Do i need format my HD? if yes, how to do it?

UnknownRegions, could you give me more instructions about your reinstallation? especially your *trick" stuff.


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tried this yeasterday:

I installed XP from normal XP cd , not one with laptop. format the HD and install succeed, but the screen is not very happy. Still not very clear. I try to update driver with 77.77, but made machine crashed when restart it. even I used the original driver version 27xx, got same result.

Is that mean I need try another version until machine recognise the video driver?


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