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TOSHiBA Smooth View

It's an Zooming Utility consisting of only one .EXE (though needs to be properly installed using the provided Setup else it doesn't work) which then resides in the memory (~2 to 4MB). Features seamless zooming of fonts, images, documents, webpages etc. by pressing FN+1. The look is *sometimes* not all that perfect (some web pages will be messy) but it is much more convenient than using the 'ignore font sizes' option in accessibility - simply use Fn + 1 or 2 to increase or decrease size. Should work with the following applications:

- Internet Explorer

- Microsoft Office

- Windows Media Player

- Adobe Acrobat Reader

There is also an option to exclude (!) Desktop Icons from in/decreasing which i appreciate as this distorts my Icon's layout.

Very usefull for those with 1600 x 1200 or greater screens.

The official japanese description of this tool (translated by google):

"The Fn" key and "1" or "2" with combination of the key, letter and picture indication of application and the idea contest enlargement/it can reduce "Smooth View". Because also the graphics data reduces enlargement/simultaneously with letter size, the picture it can indicate when entire balance has been prepared.

These days, as for display high resolution conversion advanced. With the Japanese environment which handles especially complicated letter, needs of high resolution conversion are higher than the European-American spheres. But when high resolution conversion advances in the picture space which is limited, this time visibility problem arises. How balance it can point to the amount of information and visibility, it is source of trouble.

As for Smooth View in order that you answer the trouble such as that, with the utility which was developed, it is the tool which it expands reduces indicatory contents of corresponding application. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office and Windows Media Player and Adobe it can expand can reduce the indication of Reader and desktop idea contest size etc.

If as for operation method, [Fn]the key [1] [2], for private home [Fn] the key [1] [2] or it is the letter enlargement button of the life style panel. You can call that many applications can be operated with the same operation method the merit of Smooth View.


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