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Which GEForce4 440 Go with 32 or 64MB?

Guest MadManMike

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Guest MadManMike


Love the site! Cannot believe I have not seen it before?!?!?

My question is in regards to the video card in my machine. I have a Toshiba 5105-s901. Supposedly a limited edition 'puter made for CompUSA. Got it about 4 years ago. Recently had the HDD crash and am currently getting everything back with the new drive. This site was a godsend for the video issues I had with Half-Life 2.


The sticker below the keyboard says 64MB DDR RAM on the video card. When I do a System Info, it says only 32MB. Is this a driver install issue? Will it make a difference in performance if I get the system to see it all? I have installed driver 77.77 using the mod'd INF from here, and with the black bar fix all is wonderful in video land, 1600X1200. Just wonderd if I can get a better game display if I can use the other 32 megs, if indeed, the system is not seeing it.

Anyway, great site, Thanks!


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In the nvidia control panel (driver options menu) it should say 64MB, otherwise you do have a problem, but I can't think why a specific driver would display it wrong unless you just recently flashed the BIOS or broke the card.

You could of course try a different driver, maybe an 84.xx driver.

Does the latest official stock Toshiba driver do this?

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The 5105 also suffered from the BlackBar (using C5 VBIOS?). That would be new to me.

Anyways if you restore your baby have a look in the "Nofficial 5x0x Driver and Support thread" for hints:


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- The 5105 also suffered from the BlackBar (using C5 VBIOS?). That would be new to me.

When I installed the original driver from Toshiba's site, I could run 1600X1200 w/o black bar, but HL@ would not run.

I updated to 77.77, using this site's recommendations and INF file, and the most I could get was 1588X1200, with a black bar on the right. I ran the enhancer for 77.77 and whoosh.....black bar gone, 1600X1200 and HL2 runs fine, so far.

So everything is looking fine, I am just wondering if 'finding' the other 32mb of video ram will enhance things further.

Every place I look in the system tells me that I have 32 megs, but the spec sheet from Toshiba (the PDF on their site) and the sticker still on my machine says 64 meg.

So, whatever. Things look great, so I will not lose much sleep over it.

Thanks again!


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A detail which i can clearly remember (as it was a REAL PITA for decision finding on which Laptop i will buy) is that TOSHiBA back in the time in 2002 had (let's say) 'problems' to offer proper aka VALID specs for the customer to browse/compare.

PDFs did not correspond with the specification details on their webpage. Specificatoins on Toshiba Product webpages were not consistant with the specs shown @ Retailer websites. Retailer webpages just copy and paste from either the wrong PDF or the wrong Toshiba Product description page.

In other words it was a mess.

The only thing you can do to make sure what's under the hood is using a tool like Everest. Or you could use our quick script NERD to figure what's inside your Laptop.

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