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7600go specs

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hello, can anyine post here the gf7600go specifications?

mine is 450core/1000 mem

I know that there are versions of:

450core /700mem

however I dont know how many pixelshaders it has, since my laptop went on RMA.

Theoretically there should be 8, while desktop versions have 12, but since mine is faster on memory perhaps it's also 12? Is there a way to unlock those 4 missing pipes?

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funny enough my 7600 go is 450/380. I raised the question once about the difference between clock and mem freq but never got the answer. most seem to post their memory runs faster than the core but mine is opposite.

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Are you familiar with DDR clocks... while the actual memory clock is 380MHz... it's effective (read equivalent) clock is 2x 380 = 760MHz.

But it seems that it's the second time some told you about DDR clocks... and you still haven't understood. (previous thread) :)

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you are correct i didnt understand what that ment and just let it go at that. At least now I understand. Is it the same way with FSB on duo core CPUs? For instance mine is 533mhz. As for the understand, I can build a machine but me and software have never been frieds. Even from back in the day pre-windows when we used Mbasic in school lol. Thanks for the better explanation.

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Bus Frequenz should be at 500 Mhz for the 7600go, that means that it gets 1000Mhz Data rates, because DDR means: double data rate, witch means that at 1 full sinus wave the MemoryRAM gets zwo data signals. so 500x2=1000Mhz.

GPU should be at 450

But aren't there 7600go with less than 1000?

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The clocks are not sine waves... the data transfer occurs on rising and falling edges.

The world of mobile GPU is wild... some OEM in order to avoid issues downclock the GPU and RAM. So there is a large gap between the slowest and the fastest 7600.

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