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NVIDIA GeForce 2 Go Toshiba 3000


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I wondered if you could please assist me with a problem ?

I am currently trying to locate the latest possible graphic drivers for a Toshiba laptop computer.

Model satellite 3000 ( E-A012-01-2281 ) ( Manufacture date circa 1992)

NviDia GeForce2Go

Driver installed at present :Version

Driver version :

Date 02/07/2001

OS: Microsoft Xp Pro

I have had a good search on the Nvidia's website and Q+A section ,and an in depth search on Toshiba's site and here also but unfortunately I have been unable to find a solution,

I was recommended by the employee who returned my request at Nvidia to try your forum in order to find the drivers if at all available. I sincerely hope I have posted this request in the correct forum,if not please accept my apologies.

The symptoms with the laptop are after a period of time the display on the screen will reduce to a 6bit resolution or lock up the system totally, both of which are resolved after a restart but will reoccur again at any undetermined period of time or usage

I would be greatly appreciative of any information you could forward me which could point me in the right direction regading this question.

Many thanks in anticipation


Stuart Richardson.

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This also sounds like a heat issue to me. Buy canned air and free up the fans from dust. Also a fresh install (more than 4 years of usage, right?) is recommended with XP and SP2.

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